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  • Dragon Voice Recognition

    We render our professional services to support Nuance implementation team in installing, training the users and support Dragon Medical Practice Edition, Dragon Medical Network Edition, Dragon 360, Powerscribe and Dragon Direct.

  • Enterprise Voice System

    We install and support Enterprise Voice System consisting of online dictation, transcription and management suite which improves financial performance, reduces the turnaround time. Dictate by telephone, smart phone or PC dictation.

  • Transcription Services

    we have online dictation platform available 24/7 for corporate professionals to access through telephones, computers - Laptops or through your smart phones. We will do accurate and speedy transcription which is available on your table with 1-24 Hrs turnaround. Call us for a quote.

  • IT Support

    IT Support based in Milton Keynes provide support for Computer and Laptop for Home or SMEs. If your computer is slow, virus infected, is not connecting to broadband, unable to receive e-mails, you are worried about backup, just call us and we will reach you the same day.


What we do…

Over 15 Years of Experience with Dictaphone in implementing, installing and supporting state of the art Digital Dictation Software and Dragon Voice Recognition for Medical dictation.

We render our professional services to support Nuance implementation team in installing, training the users and support all Dragon Products, to help achieving following objectives:

Speed through Documentation: Fast dictation and high recognition accuracy that continually improves as it adapts to your voice.
Dictate Anytime, Anywhere: Integrate with the professional-grade dictation solution, Dragon Anywhere for iOS and Android and dictate and edit documents wherever your job takes you.
Short-cut Repetitive Tasks: Define simple voice commands to short-cut repetitive processes.
Boost Efficiency: Add customized words for accurate recognition of the industry terms, acronyms or personal preferences you use very day.

Digital Dictation

Digital dictation milton Keynes

  • Healthcare and legal solutions from Nuance products.
  • PowerScribe, (web based voice recognition) installation, training and support.
  • Olympus, Philips and Grundig solutions for stand alone dictation.
  • Installation and training of Dragon Naturally Speaking.
  • Provide online dictation and transcription.


Voice Recognition

Digital dictation milton Keynes

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional 13
  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition 3
  • Dragon Medical Network Edition
  • Dragon Direct
  • Dragon Medical 360 (PowerScribe)
  • Dragon installation, user training and support
  • Preparation of scripts, commands and customization



Digital dictation milton Keynes

  • Provide fast, accurate Word Processing Service
  • Availabilty - 24/7
  • Fast turnaround 1-Hour to 24-Hour
  • Document formatted to reflect your corporte branding
  • Flexible input, by Telephone, smartphone or pc based dictation
  • Highly cost effective


Voice System Software

  • Superior Pooling Capabilities
  • Flexible Dictation Input
  • Remote Transcription
  • Telephone Dictation
  • Comprehensive System Control

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Voice Recognition

  • Dictate faster
  • Dictate anywhere
  • Reduce transcription costs
  • Save clinicians Time
  • Dictate accurately
  • Installation & Training

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IT Support

  • New installation at site
  • Email Management
  • Network Installation
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data Transfer
  • Removal of Virus
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