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IT Support

IT Support Milton Keynes

ETS IT Support is experienced in many areas and offer paramount support in terms of technical knowledge, providing first class business solutions and offer a managed 24/7 service.We look after:


  • New installation at site and maintenance.
  • Email Management Network Installation at home or office.
  • Disaster Recovery of PC or Server.
  • Upgrades & Transfer of data of PC-Laptop.
  • Server Management on site or remotely.
  • Remote Support 24/7
  • Security of your PC and complete virus protection.
  • Broadband connectivity and internet security.


Service Desk

Receptionist ETS IT SupportOur service desk consists of highly qualified technicians that are available 24/7 to help with your IT problems and enquiries. We have a number of support teams that specialise in different areas including server, network and applications so that once a call is logged it can be passed to the correct team who specialise in that field to resolve the incident promptly.

Support for PC’s & Laptops is a high level service that provides instant access to Microsoft certified professionals when you need them.

  • Instant access to our Microsoft certified professionals.
  • Help when you need it.
  • Single point of contact for all your IT issue.
  • Your laptop suddenly changes from battery to AC power.
  • Advise and help with virus/spy ware issues.
  • Installation of new hardware and software.


Provision of PC and Laptops on guaranteed cheaper rates than market, its implementation, connection with broadband, and networking with other PC in your office.

  • Upgrade Hard Drive with more capacity and redundancy ensuring you existing system is not disturbed.
  • Memory upgrade of correct specification and on manufacturer recommendations.
  • Operating system installation, and upgrade you PC or laptops to Windows 7. We support XP, Vista, Windows 2000, or any old NT Machine including servers.
  • Remote support 24/7
  • We install and support any third-party software including Sage, Quick books, Digital Dictation software including Voice recognition.
  • Complete study of your Network and configuration to make sure that you machines are not susceptible to hacking.


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  1. We offer special offer if you are self employed and work from home office. Call us on 01908 766336 or email us on info@etsitsupport.co.uk

Voice System Software

  • Superior Pooling Capabilities
  • Flexible Dictation Input
  • Remote Transcription
  • Telephone Dictation
  • Comprehensive System Control

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Voice Recognition

  • Dictate faster
  • Dictate anywhere
  • Reduce transcription costs
  • Save clinicians Time
  • Dictate accurately
  • Installation & Training

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IT Support

  • New installation at site
  • Email Management
  • Network Installation
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data Transfer
  • Removal of Virus
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