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Digital Dictation

Voice System Software

Superior Pooling Capabilities
Automatically manage, prioritize, and delegate dictation based upon your organization’s priorities.

Flexible Dictation Input
Match each physician’s dictation workflow with telephone, PC dictation, or mobile dictation options.

Remote Transcription
Save costs and retain your best employees by supporting at-home transcription with TransNet PC software.

Comprehensive System Control
Maintain control and monitor transcription productivity with software features that track the entire transcription process.

We are consultants in digital dictation providing implementation, training and support solutions for our partners. 



We are online transcription application services provider (TASP), available 24/7 to use the system by Telephone or fast speed broadband for dictation and transcription. This is most economical and hassle free system available for personal user or a small company. Most suitable for Transcription companies.


We can organize a demonstration for this service at a short notice. We can create an account on our system for 1 month trial FREE and later you can a sign a contract for 3 month or one year.
We will offer all equipment during the trial and Application support will be available for 24/7. We offer this service to various surgeries in UK, solicitors in UK and Ireland and is popular with clients who are mobile, multiple offices in a town or Country.

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Voice System Software

  • Superior Pooling Capabilities
  • Flexible Dictation Input
  • Remote Transcription
  • Telephone Dictation
  • Comprehensive System Control

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Voice Recognition

  • Dictate faster
  • Dictate anywhere
  • Reduce transcription costs
  • Save clinicians Time
  • Dictate accurately
  • Installation & Training

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IT Support

  • New installation at site
  • Email Management
  • Network Installation
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data Transfer
  • Removal of Virus
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