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Earning by Profit Sharing

This is specialized advertising and revenue sharing Company where members have equal opportunity to benefit from an attractive revenue sharing plan on a long-term basis

The Big Concept

Businesses advertise online with this company and as a result company makes money to share it with its members who hold and qualify for profit sharing option

How things work

Three simple steps

  1. Free signup , nothing to pay
  2. Buy advertising services of company to promote your business, if you don’t have business you can promote your affiliate venture (please see 10% affiliate section below).

You can get advertising services with two options

  • With Sharing Position
    This selection provides you with 20 Pay-Per-Click Banner Credits, 1000 Traffic Exchange Credits, and 1 Revenue Sharing Position. This is a $50 purchase. By clicking a minimum of 10 ads in the traffic exchange, you’ll continue to share in site revenues up to $55.00 on each sharing position you have.
  • Without Sharing Position
    This selection provides you with Pay-Per-Click Banner Credits. $0.25 per click, and $0.50 per click with country targeting. Minimum budget varies based upon banner size.
    Every click on your banners ads is worth a lot – those users who click on your ads may become your referrals or even clients. Users click simply because they are interested in the topic of your ads!

* Please Note: a purchase of advertising service with us is not considered a deposit, or investment.


Do 10 clicks a day to qualify for daily return on your profit sharing options (explained below)


TM presentation Without Sharing Position Traffic Exchange Credits Sharing Position Revenue Sharing Position Please Note Big Concept Affiliate Program ADD  it blog


One ADD-pack with profit share option costs $50, which matures at $55 leaving behind $5 profit which makes it 10% of $50 value. This typically happens in 55 days.

To quantify it in monitory terms let’s say initial advert purchase with sharing position is of £1,000 that should leave £100 Profit in 55 days which means this £1,000 can be recycled 6 times a year generating typically £600 profit to make it 60% Rate of return

I tried system for 11 days based on $1500 and got total earning of $450 which was based on reinvesting daily return which is typically 2% of total addpack value. Company returns ib average 2% of your addpack value per day once qualifying criteria is met (10 click a day), which means you get you initial add pack value back in about 50 days and rest is profit

When members purchase an AdPack combo advertising campaign for $50, as long as members are qualified, each sharing position members receive with AdPack Combo purchase will continue to share in revenues up to $55.00.

Reaching this maximum is not guaranteed, or affixed to any time frame. It’s completely reliant upon sales of services, and members being qualified.


10% Affiliate Program

Members get the opportunity to invite their friends, family, or other groups to enjoy our services & benefit from our lucrative affiliate program. For each purchase of service (except cash links) one of members referrals makes, members will gain an instant 10% commission. This alone can help members build a constant cash-flow.


If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me


signup 1 Without Sharing Position Traffic Exchange Credits Sharing Position Revenue Sharing Position Please Note Big Concept Affiliate Program ADD  it blog

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